Ganzhou Aluminum has been implementing quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management systems, complied with GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2008 "Quality Management System-Requirements", GB/T24001-2004 idt ISO14001:2004 "Environmental Management System- Requirements and Guidelines".

In 2017, following the released new standard of GB/T19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2015 "Quality Management System-Requirements", GB/T24001-2016 idt ISO14001: 2015 "Environmental Management System-Requirements and Usage Guidelines".

All these certificates and testing are providing a strong basement for stabilizing and expanding customers and international markets.

Test System

Ganzhou aluminium Physical and Chemical Measurement and Testing Center was established at our plant to measure and test all series of our products. The testing center is equipped with a comprehensive room, a chemical spectrum analysis room, a physical performance testing room, a measurement room, a raw material testing room

And more than 8 technicions are specilly responsible for testing from raw material, on line testing, rooom testing, packing mataterial testing, up to packing.


Products Traceability

Metal Marking and Traceability Management

Ganzhou Aluminum has it’s own "Metal Marking and Traceability Management Standards" to regulate the metal markings, and the "Production Process Card Management Standards" to regulate the filling and storage of production process cards during material production, and to record the true situation of products in the production process so as to ensure the products traceability.



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